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Expensive And Slow Internet Is Stifling Botswana's Digital Development Efforts

I had an interesting conversation with my colleagues from Youth Transforming Africa the other day about prices of internet in our respective countries. The conversation had started when one of the colleagues from Nigeria complained about the $20 he was paying for personal internet monthly.

I was quick to point out to him that i spent that same amount on 5GB of internet which normally lasts me a week, if i am being really stingy with it. The conversation lead to other colleagues pitching in to state internet prices in their countries. One colleague in Senegal stated that 5GB was less than $1 there whilst another from Rwanda said she was paying $7 monthly for high speed uncapped internet.

The conversation prompted me do a bit more research about the cost and quality of internet in Botswana compared to other countries not only in Africa but across the world. I came across this article which compared internet speeds amongst 207 countries in the world and the results were not good for Bots…

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